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Tools You Need To Grow Real Leads On Facebook & LinkedIn

I’ll keep it brief and get to the tools. If you’re looking to grown online this year, you NEED to be using these tools. They’ve helped my grow my mailing lists to the 10’s of 1,000’s and increase customer conversions ten fold.

Take a look, research more, download and utilize these tools ASAP for your marketing activities.

Don’t forget, without a strategy, this won’t go too far…

 5 Tools You Need To Grow Real Leads On Facebook & LinkedIn

There are many tools on the market that marketers will debate over. The online marketing environment changes daily so it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information and software options that’s out there on the market. What’s works well for me is focusing on a core of key platforms, activities and principals (yes, values and principals matter) that generate results and can work on autopilot to scale conversations with real people.

Here’s are some of the platforms and tools I’ve use.

1. Facebook: for Ads, Posts & Connecting w/People

Why? We all know what Facebook is. But few actually understand the power of Facebook for businesses and fewer know how to use the platform to find success as a business. I use Facebook, the platform, for one simple reason: generate conversations with real people. This is how real business is done, when real people talk to each other. Facebook and LinkedIn are great platforms for this. For businesses, a Facebook Page is key.



2. LinkedIn: for Posts, Articles & Connecting w/People

Why? Similar to the power of Facebook, LinkedIn has an incredible amount of power to help real people facilitate real conversations. The great thing about LinkedIn is the platform is tailored for professionals to have real conversations. My LinkedIn posts and articles have brought over 10,000+ views.


3. LinkedIn Helper: for Connecting w/2rd & 3rd Tier Connections

Why? The great thing about LinkedIn is you can see your tiers of connections with others on the platform. LinkedIn Helper is a chrome browser plugin that allows you to do a ton of amazing automated marketing features on the LinkedIn platform. I’ll talk about this platform in more detail below.


4. AnyLeads: for Group Scraping & List Cleaning

Why? AnyLeads is a great growth marketing tool that allows marketers to do a ton of amazing marketing activities at scale that really opens the door to growth marketing at the next level. One of the key features I personally love is the email verification tool that allows you to verify cold emails if you’re considering cold lead marketing email campaigns.


5. Grouply: for Group Scraping

Why? Grouply is a great growth marketing tool specifically for the Facebook platform. Functioning the same way as LinkedIn Helper, Grouply is a chrome browser extension that allows marketers to extract key demo info from Facebook Group Members.


Hopefully these tools can help with your marketing goals. They’re used by some of the best in marketing today.

Have any questions about how to implement these tools into your marketing strategy?

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