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My most recent mushroom trip

I travel often.

I love to see and learn new things. Especially on my own. I love to get lost while traveling.

My favorite places to travel, for various reasons, have been:

  • Colombia
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Ghana

All of these places make me feel a bit at home to some degree but the trip I’m reflecting on below started on my chocolate brown micro-fiber couch in my Mission Hill apartment, on a Saturday afternoon after my morning shift working at my Kush Groove shop.

I had my mind set on taking some mushrooms this afternoon.

I brought some back from my most recent trip to Montreal last week.

My life is really good at this point and I’m in a really happy place career wise.

I have however been experiencing some disappointments with pursuing romantic relationships, so I figured, what better circumstances to get clarity on things than with an afternoon mushroom trip.

This isn’t my first time taking mushrooms.

I’ve taken mushrooms and other hallucinogens in the past. One of my favorites was a mushroom trip in Sweden during Swedish national day.

That was amazing.

Either way, here’s what happened during my most recent trip.


Before I got started, I set aside some water, tea and a bucket for puking.

I also turned up the thermostat to the highest heat possible and put on a space heater. My living room was filled with sun light after I opened the curtains. I was home alone but I felt safe, I’ve tripped here in this same spot before.

I took two mushroom infused chocolates at about 3pm Saturday afternoon.

This is when the trip commenced.

I smoked a bit of weed right after, sipped some tea and put on a movie.

The movie was Book of Eli, with Denzel Washington.

I figured I couldn’t go wrong with Denzel. He’s safe for a trip.

I didn’t start to feel the effects until about and hour or so in.

What struck accord and anchored me in the beginning of my trip was a moment in the movie when Denzel’s character reflected on what life was like before the post war setting that sustained much of the movies backdrop.

Water was scare so he had to clean him self with a KFC branded moist towelette.

We typically reserve these small things to cleaning our fingers after eating BBQ flavored foods.

I couldn’t imagine the KFC moist towelette as my only means of cleaning myself.

But that was the point, however I interpreted it.

This is when I started to go deeper…

The movie ended and I recognized I needed different stimulation so I put on the “nature sounds” station on Pandora.

The music played, I wrapped myself in a fluffy terry cloth blanket and closed my eyes.

I experienced some profound emotions while the music played, here are some of them:

  • The sounds of each track were different: some had oceanic sounds, some of the sounds were natural to jungle environments, others had a classical, pre colonial vibe to it.
  • I felt “one” with each place my mind had connected these sounds to
  • The water sounds made me think about the animals, the entire earth, her heartbeat. I decided to go back to veganism again, 100%
  • I didn’t see people but I felt people, the energy of people alive during those times I could connect the music with
  • I did communicate with someone else who was on a trip somewhere, I don’t know who or where. It was brief
  • I felt I could understand the language that was spoken during that time in history of the sounds, even though no one was there to speak to me
  • I was transported back in time, thousands and thousands and thousands of years
  • I felt apart of a spiritual world of loving entities that were around me, communicating to me, through me, but not in words, telling me to breathe
  • Then another voice, my rational mind, was reinforcing me to breathe, just breathe, just keep breathing. I thought about all the years of yoga I’ve taken and how I learned to breathe consciously from the practice of yoga. This helped tremendously
  • I was in control of my thinking but I was free from thinking, my rational mind and subconscious mind were both present but the subconscious mind was detached from my body, moving with the particles of thoughts and thinking that went through me and around me
  • When thoughts about money, people, my work I do, passed through me, it made me feel very cold. It gave me uncomfortable chills.
  • When thoughts about money crossed by, I didn’t want to think about it. Each time the thoughts came I tried to deflect it mentally, but physically push it away, if that makes sense. It made me realize money is only important in this realm, and there are so many realms of existence. Money is actually not THAT important, but unfortunately we live, thrive and survive in a realm where it is and that makes me feel sad, and cold.
  • When I had these thoughts, it gave me a physical feeling of coldness, a chill on my body that was really really uncomfortable: this is all while the heat is on blast, I’m wrapped up in thick wool sweatpants, a thermal shirt, a black bathrobe and a terrycloth blanket: I couldn’t have been any warmer.
  • I felt a bit sad how people perceive me as being overly serious. I’m serious about life, the way a master teacher is serious about teaching. Not serious like a prison warden. People perceive me as more serious than I think I’d like them to perceive me. I’m actually alot more happier on the inside than I think the average person is. I do have resting bitch face, that doesn’t help. But I also have a great smile, which I should show more to diffuse that perception, but I can’t fake it. The duality of life lol.
  • I’m serious about being an entrepreneur, my current work now, but I don’t want the characteristics of entrepreneurship to define my entire being. I’ve built a shell, almost like a turtle, that doesn’t allow my natural, true being to shine all the time, especially in romantic settings. My work and the people I deal with made me build a shell. It’s been healthy for me in the human realm of entrepreneurship, not so healthy for allowing love into my full being. It’s something I need to work on.
  • I later puked out all the negative energy that passed through me feeling relieved.
  • My roommate came in and made me more tea.

I listened to music for I don’t even know how long.

Now that I think about it, maybe 3-4 hours.

It felt like forever.

A forever my rational mind didn’t want to really commit to.

So I called my lady friend in Montreal who I got my mushroom candies from. I love her and trust her. She’s so sweet.

Me: Hey, I’m tripping really deep right now, I’m fine but I’m ready for this to end, I want to get back to reality. Is there any sort of tea you can recommend to accelerate this so I can come back to earth? I actually went on a tea shopping expedition while I was there last week.

Her: Hi dear. There are some teas (she mentioned some certain types of teas I can’t recall) but I have them here with me. They are special blends and you can’t really find them commercially.

Me: Oh dear, I giggled. OK. I’m fine. I just want to get this over with.

Her: You’re fine. You’re going to be fine. Let nature take its time. Just embrace the moment and be in the present. You’ll be find. You’re on a magical journey.

Me: Thank you so much. I love you. I’ll let you know if I have any questions.

I later sent her a text saying here words were EVERYTHING I needed to hear at the moment.


My experiences were intense to say the least as I recall a day later.

I wished I wrote them all down as they came.

But in all honesty, I was in no capacity to hold a pen (number one) nor could I write down the amazing thoughts and experiences during my trip.

I felt like I needed to let them come and they’d download at the right time, in the right medium. And here we are…in a blog post lol

Because I had my eyes closed, my mind and thoughts led the journey.

The music was the soundtrack to the ride.

I definitely peaked during the music portion of my trip.

After I recognized my peak, the night started to fall and my living room got darker so I closed the curtains, and put on the movie “half baked” starting Dave Chapelle.

I knew I wanted a different stimulation.

I needed to see light & watching comedy during mushroom trips are always fun and safe.

That’s where I needed to go as I was coming down and that’s where I went.

I laughed my ass off for the last hour or so while I was on my come down.

I settled back into reality comfortably and I was happy this was how I spent the day, equally happy it was over as well.

I didn’t expect to go this deep but my mind was prepared for it. The universe was definitely on my side for this ride.

My big takeaways from my trip were:

  • I have to find a more harmonious medium to thinking about and participating in business activity and doing something else, other than business: my subconscious mind is telling me it makes me feel cold and I don’t like the cold, in this realm or others
  • The past is the past: keep living, breathing and growing
  • Money has a devilishly interesting energy to it
  • I love my “tribe” and I want to share my insights, and the path towards my insights with all of them, hoping then can find deeper insights for themselves.
  • My spirit has lived thousands of lives, all beings, all languages
  • Keep a cautious eye out for women peddling wild herbs or cat people (whatever this means)

Ever tripped on shrooms? Remember your experience? Comment below.